It's all in the name!

"Snuffy's" was named after our favourite cook: Jim. 



Well, his last name is so long that no one ever pronounces it correctly.  One night at an award banquet he was introduced to a colleagues young daughter.  She repeated what she thought she heard to her father in disbelief "Snuffleupagus?".

She was not corrected.  The name stuck and Jim was from then on known as "Snuffy".

When naming the Grill it came down to "Snuffy's" after my favourite human, or "Eddie's" after my favourite was a close one :)


@Dryden Square in Whitby

3555 Thickson Road North

Whitby, ON. L1R 2H1

PH#: 905-240-6990

Dine in or take out | Snuffy's Grill | Ontario



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